Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Characters We’d Like To Check In With

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 Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the
fabulous ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish..

 Every reader who has ever fallen head over heels in love with a character, be it from a single novel or a long serial love affair, has the same secret wish: I wish I knew what they were doing now. As fledgling writers, we understand that some characters’ stories end in a single book. And while we want more from them, too many sequential chapters sometimes tarnish the story. Still, some characters are too big to be contained by one book. Regardless, no matter how many pages there are, we can never get enough. These are ten characters whose lives still haunt our thoughts on a weekly basis.

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11 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Characters We’d Like To Check In With”

    • Christie Michelle

      Jenna, don’t be nervous! It was such a wonderful book and Coralie is such an engaging character that one book with her just didn’t feel enough! She’s just one of those characters that imprints upon your soul, and you keep thinking about her after the book covers have closed. 🙂

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