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Review & Giveaway | The Sound by Sarah Alderson

Review & Giveaway | The Sound by Sarah Alderson" class="ubb-image alignleft">The Sound by Sarah Alderson
Published by Simon Pulse on May 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery & Detective, Young Adult
Format: eBook

A British nanny looking for a low-key summer finds buried secrets, murderous attention, and unexpected romance when she visits the Nantucket Sound.

The Nantucket Sound is a beachfront playground for the privileged and elite, where the sunny days are filled with scenic bike rides, backyard picnics, and bonfire parties.

But all Ren Kingston - a visiting Brit still reeling from heartbreak - really wants is a quiet summer as a nanny for one of Nantucket's wealthy families. Getting acquainted with handsome Jeremy and his young group of trust fund, private school kids was not part of the plan. Neither was befriending the local bad boy whose reputation is more dangerous than charming.

After a dead body is found next to The Sound's postcard-perfect view, Ren starts to wonder where the real threat lies. Because it's becoming clear that her newfound 'friends' are much more than they seem. They're hiding secrets. Secrets that Ren wants no part of.

But once The Sound has you in its current, it won't want to let you go.

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 I won’t lie, Twitter is what introduced me to Sarah Alderson, the author of The Sound. If it weren’t for Twitter, I might never have decided to give this book a go. Did I like it? No. I LOVED IT! (Scared you there….didn’t I? 🙂
I purchased this book and was excited to start reading it when I met up with a few blogging friends I had met a past book events. We all ended up in the bookstore and the first book I noticed was The Sound. I just made a comment about how I was excited to read this book and had just downloaded it on my Kindle. Next thing I know, all three of my friends grabbed a copy off the shelf and it was decided that we’d read it together and have weekly discussions.

We even tweeted about our discussions and the next thing we know, another friend of ours joined in. So the five of us would meet up on Facebook to discuss a few chapters each week. During the first week, it was decided that all of us were enjoying the book and anxious to continue reading. 

We loved how Alderson kept us guessing. We made guesses as to who did what, but were never truly sure if we were right or wrong. Of course, all of us agreed that we love Jesse, the townie with a bad-boy reputation. (Read it…you’ll understand why.) There is just something about him that draws you to him and Ren definitely notices as well. 

Let’s back up a minute…

Ren is a British nanny who has come to the US to nanny for a wealthy family in Nantucket. She thinks of this job as the perfect escape after her boyfriend decides to cheat on her with one of her best friends. Little does she know that this world she is entering is full of those with money and those who are simply referred to as, “townies”.

She falls into her nanny role quickly and finds herself in the company of an infant and a four year old, Brodie, with lots of spunk and knowledge no four year old should have. Little does she know that this town also has a dirty little secret and a mystery that Ren feels compelled to figure out. 

For me, I can’t help but think of this book as Gossip Girl on the wealthy Nantucket Sound. There’s backstabbing, lies, secrets, and of course revenge that’ll leave you guessing and surprised when it comes to the ending. 

This is one book I am truly glad I read this summer & I am excited to be able to share it with you! Be sure to enter the giveaway shown below for a chance to add this book to your e-reader. 

Five out of five stars!

Happy reading & good luck!


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