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Guest Post | LOVE BITES by Ophelia London

LOVE BITES guest post, by Ophelia London

book excerpt


Hello to everyone out there in blogland! Thanks for letting me drop by and gab about my new novella, LOVE BITES. It’s a sweet, smexy and sharky tale set aboard a marine biology research ship near Sydney, Australia. Yes, can you say very tight quarters? Heehee. The night before they get to the boat, Jeff “Great White” Cruz and Sharona Blaire happen to share an “almost hook-up at a hotel bar. Sharona ends up backing out, thinking she’ll never see the guy again…until the next day when she realizes the sexy guy from the bar last night is the same guy she’d been sent to audit.

I thought it would be fun to share a little excerpt with you. Here we see Jeff and Sharona getting to know each other while still trying to get past what happened last night. Since Jeff is a shark scientist, his natural tendency is to talk shop. And it just so happens that Jeff’s specialty is, erm, reproduction.


“One of the most elusive things about the white shark is their, uh…” His eyes moved to hers and he held them there.

“Their what?” she asked when he didn’t finish, a bit rapt by his expression.

He kept his eyes locked on her. “Their mating.”

“Mating,” she repeated, feeling a flutter in her stomach at the way he was looking at her…then suddenly not looking at her.

“We don’t know if individual animals spawn in a certain spot every time—kind of like a human might go to a particular pub if she wants some action. Just an example, mind you.”

She folded her arm, feeing her cheeks heat up. “Pub. Uh-huh.”

Jeff leaned against the railing, his expression looking smug at her embarrassment. “For all we know, sharks are just, ya know, doing it everywhere.”

“Like the Kardashians?”

He stared at her for a beat, then that tight expression relaxed into a smile as he slid his hands into his jean pockets. “And probably just as reckless,” he said. “Or so I’d like to think. That’s one of the reasons we’re intrigued about why we’ve tracked these sharks back here. The gestation period is twelve-to-eighteen months. It’s been about that long since we last saw them in these waters.”

“You’re thinking this could be like a favorite pub for sharks? A mating ground?”

“Dunno. But it’s certainly worth finding out, don’t you think?”

“Have you ever seen two sharks doing…?” She shrugged. “You know.”

“It’s extremely rare.” His accent had grown heavy as he leaned forward, his arm brushing hers. Goose bumps broke out across her skin. “But who knows. Maybe, if we play just the right mood music, you and I will get lucky, Sharona Blaire.”

Was he talking about shark reproduction…or human?


Oh, that smooth-talking shark boy! To find out if Jeff and Sharona ever exchange their own “love bites,” grab LOVE BITES (the book!) from your friendly neighborhood e-retailer. Oh, and don’t forget to enter my rafflecopter for some awesome prices. Cheers!

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