Saturday, February 22, 2014

Seven Days of Secret Diamonds | Day 4 My Favorite Diamond



 Today marks day four of the week long celebration leading up the the release of Michelle Madow’s The Secret Diamond Sisters.
This is a fantastic book set in the magical and sleepless city of Las Vegas.

 What’s on the agenda for day 4? 

My favorite Diamond!  

Also, each day those participating will be posting a FACT about the book and/or characters in the book that Michelle has given us. 

Day 4 FACT:

Michelle has one brother and no sisters, so she got a lot of help from her best friends who have sisters to make the Diamond sisters’ relationships authentic!

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My favorite Diamond sister would have to be Savannah. Yes, she is the youngest and most immature, but I enjoyed seeing her explore who she is outside of her old life with her drug addict mother. She has a lot of growing up to do, but perhaps that is why I like her so much. She is able to learn and grow as she begins to figure out her new life and who this man is that is her father and someone she has been dreaming about meeting her whole life. She did get annoying at times, but what young teenager didn’t? It’s all apart of growing up and she has two older sisters to help her figure it out and an exciting life in Las Vegas.


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