Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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In the recipe of making a good story, I have come across several ingredients: plot, subplot, character development, setting, structure, story hook, and point of view. But, by far, the aspect of writing that I have struggled with the most is coming up with the right, creative angle in which to tell/reveal my tale. I’ve laid out my story map. I know exactly where I want my story to go. I have come up with ways to link my plots and my sub plots. I’ve fully developed my characters. I’ve identified my conflict and resolution. BUT…….how to TELL the story?

Should I have my male character read from a notebook to my female character because she has amnesia and can’t remember that the story being told is her own?

Should it be told from the viewpoint of the family cat who seems to oddly always be in the room when anything is happening?

Should it be told from the viewpoint of a five year old boy trapped in a tiny room with his mother?

No. But because it would be stealing to use two of these ideas, and there is no cat in my story. My point, is that I want a unique, and creative way to tell my story that will have my readers talking about its brilliance long after they’ve closed the covers of my book. So, after turning my story inside out and slapping myself in the face with it from a dozen different angles, (and equally tormenting my Alpha Beta with all these versions) I have FINALLY figured out what I hope is an intelligent way to depict my tale to the reader. Let’s see if I can aptly employ it on the page. Break out the Visine and the coffee, my beloved Alpha Beta. 😉

What are some of your favorite angles used in your favorite books?

Happy Writing!

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