Tuesday, July 30, 2013

REVIEW: All I Need by Susane Colasanti

All I Need by Susane Colasanti

Publisher/Year:  Viking Juvenile May 21, 2013
Genre: Contemporary YA/Realistic Fiction

What’s it about?
(Summary from Goodreads)

Skye wants to meet the boy who will change her life forever. Seth feels their instant connection the second he sees her. When Seth starts talking to Skye at the last beach party of the summer, it’s obvious to both of them that this is something real. But when Seth leaves for college before they exchange contact info, Skye wonders if he felt the same way she did—and if she will ever see him again. Even if they find their way back to each other, can they make a long-distance relationship work despite trust issues, ex drama, and some serious background differences?

My thoughts?
I love Susane’s books. They are the perfect books to read while hanging out by the pool or curling up in your favorite chair with a cool glass of lemonade. However, All I Need, wasn’t my favorite compared to her other books. Don’t get me wrong..I thought it was a fun, quick read, but it didn’t WOW me. This is most definitely a “love at first sight” book, which doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I mean, most people who know me personally, know I am a sucker for all things love and romance. I guess, for me, part of the reason it was just a good read was the fact that I could almost predict what was going to happen. I did like that it took place in a longer span of time and not just one summer. This aspect is what made it a little more believable, or appealing to me so to speak. I was glad to see that they had their ups and downs and that their relationship wasn’t perfect, because no relationship is. This made it believable and more relatable, in my opinion. 
I hope other’s don’t completely turn away from reading this book. It is still one I would recommend for someone who loves a quick summer read, it’s just not one that really stood out to me. 

My rating?
3 out of 5 stars. 

Happy reading.

4 Responses to “REVIEW: All I Need by Susane Colasanti”

  1. Katie Cross

    Predictability is the sure-fire way to kill any good vibes on a book. I felt that way with Angels and Demons. I read that first, and then DaVinci code, and was able to predict everything that happened. Then again, people like familiar things, so maybe that’s why?

  2. Jessica Leigh

    Great review Heather! I’m glad to know you liked it, but it wasn’t your favorite of Colasanti’s. I definitely want to read her When it Happens! I will probably wait on this one.

    • Heather Anne

      I enjoyed When it Happens! I believe my favorite book of hers is Keep Holding On though. That one really stuck with me and one I related to on some many different levels. I still wouldn’t shy away from this one though. It is a fun and quick read. Definitely one for by the pool.

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