Sunday, June 2, 2013


A wrap up of our May reads…
(written by both H + C – hence the different fonts)

With May coming to a close and June upon us, that means, SUMMER READING! Honestly, I look forward to summer reading more so than laying out by the pool. Fortunately, I can do both if I wanted. Especially to add a little color to my vampire-esque skin. (Sparkles not included.) 

Some of the greatest reads of my life happened during ‘summer reading.’ Free from the shackles of state mandated learning, I could choose the worlds that I wanted to get lost in, and I basked in the ability to chart the course of my own imagination. So grab your shades, your sunscreen, and a good book and get out there and make tons of summer reading memories!

Christie ended April and kicked off May by reading Bitter Blood and
 Heather, Gameboard of the Gods.

May was a diverse month of reading for us. Some books for our own pleasure, while others were review requests. However, no matter the genre, reading is always a please.

You can find several of our reviews for some of the books listed above here, on the blog.
 Gameboard of the Gods – here.
Chantress – here.
The Elite – here.
The Moon and More – here.
Aberrant – here.

Stay tuned for The Wisdom of Hair blog tour and review on Tuesday!

What are we currently reading?
What’s the best part of this post? Well, Christie & I are usually posting from different states. But, this weekend, Christie came to visit me! It’s so great to be in the same state, talking books, laughing, & having a great time. Thanks for sticking with us these past 5 (almost 6) months of blogging! We can’t wait to see what June has in store! 

Happy reading!

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