Sunday, June 30, 2013


June is over ALREADY?!?! Slow down summer, we have lots more left to read!
Last month, Christie and I were able to write our MONTHLY READS post together, in the same state. Not this month though. 🙁 BUT we will be reunited once again in AUGUST! YES! This time, it’ll be me going to see her. Why am I visiting her you may ask? Well, she’s one of my best friends/cousin but it’s also the month City of Bones hits the big screen and well….WE HAVE TO SEE IT TOGETHER! So yes, I am flying to visit her and watch Jace on the big screen. 

Now that’s dedication. 🙂 

Okay, back to our monthly round-up of reads:

We ended May and kicked off June by reading

As for the rest of the month of June, here’s what we buried our noses in:

Here are the links to our June reviews:

What are we currently reading?

Happy reading!
Christie & Heather

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