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Review | The Dandelion by Michelle Leighton

The Dandelion by Michelle Leighton
Published by Michelle Leighton on April 8th 2018

At thirty-five, Abigail Simmons has mastered only one thing—running. When tragedy strikes, she runs. This time her urge to flee brings Abi back to her hometown, where she hopes she can find the peace she’s always searched for. That hope is dashed when Abi’s ex, Sam Forrester, bumps his way back into her life.

Sam has flourished in ways Abi hasn’t. From the outside, he has it all—a successful medical practice, a beautiful daughter, and a charming wife.

Who is dying.

Sara Forrester is dying and her final wish is for Sam to find love again so she can meet the woman who will finish raising her daughter and grow old with her husband. Abi seems like the perfect fit, but what Sara doesn’t know is that Abi has a secret, a secret no one could guess.

And it’s a deal breaker.

After almost 20 years away from her childhood home, Abi Simmons returns home. However, her reasons for returning aren’t what one would expect and as you begin to get to know Abi, you also get to know the weight she’s been carrying on her shoulders for some time. When she’s reunited with the one and only love of her life, Abi’s world quickly becomes even more confusing. With more weight weighing her down, Abi must learn how to juggle the truth of why she has returned home, with all the secrets she’s kept under wraps.

The Dandelion is a beautifully written story filled with heartbreak, as well as a complicated tale of mending ones broken heart. I quickly fell in love with Abi and Sam, as well as their loved ones that come along on this journey with them. Some for only a brief time, others for much longer.

As the story unfolds, I couldn’t help but begin to understand the reasoning behind its captivating and somewhat unique title. A dandelion, while most consider a weed, is its own unique and beautiful flower that signifies not only an end, but the beginning of much more. It’s a stunning metaphor for the second chance that is given to the two main characters. Or three, depending on how you look at it.

While reading, I couldn’t help but conjure up all of the possible story lines that happened before this story took place, as well as the endless possibilities that could have picked up where the last period took place. I felt as thought I could truly connect to Abi and Sam and would love to have read a story from “before” and “after” from/about these two. Such unique individuals, yet completely captivating as a duo.

The way in which the sadness and happiness coincided in the story is what made it even more spectacular, for me as a reader. It was done in such a beautiful way and so well thought out that I am left wanting more from Michelle Leighton on these two characters. Perhaps even some secondary characters whose lives were also altered due to the events of The Dandelion.

If you’re a fan of contemporary romance, this is is a title you need to immediately add to your TBR pile, perhaps even bumping it to the top. Be prepared to fall in love, but also experience a bit of heartbreak along the way.

five stars 


About Michelle Leighton

With sales nearing the two million mark, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and internationally bestselling author M. Leighton is now turning her pen toward another side of relationships with her work as Michelle Leighton. From her upcoming emotionally charged story, The Dandelion, to her domestic noir entitled Strings, Michelle’s stories are sure to bring all the depth you’ve come to expect from M. Leighton with a new edge that will have you quickly turning page after page



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