Monday, March 7, 2016

Hello….{from the other side…}

Hello….it’s me…

(continues singing Adele as I think of what to say next…)

I’d like to think you’ve all been, “Hey, I wonder where Heather’s been. She hasn’t posted in awhile”, but I’d only be fooling myself. But, in case that thought has crossed your mind, I’m flattered. *blushes*

For those of you who follow me on social media, i.e. Twitter and Instagram, you’ve probably been bombarded with pictures of my little one and Tweets calling on the moms of the world for sage advice.

Short answer: I had a baby.

Yes, the little one was born at the end of January and is now 6 weeks old and I love her oh so much.
*brief baby talk and pinching of cheeks*

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in my lack of sleep and being up all hours of the night. I love this blog, I love that it’s my first ‘baby’, something that I created, that I’ve poured a lot of time in. I don’t want to stop blogging BUT it can no longer be my first thought each morning, nor can it be my number one priority. As much as I would love to bring you fresh material five days a week, that’s just not my reality anymore. And in all honesty, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump the past couple of months. *hence the extreme lack of posting*

This community has changed SO MUCH in the three years I’ve been apart of it. So much negativity, and I don’t like negativity. I’m generally a positive person and I feel that I get along with everyone. I have so many great friends BECAUSE of this community. So, I’m not going anywhere.

I’ve also done a lot of thinking about the name of my blog. *say what?!*
No, I’m not changing the name, just thinking about the meaning of it. At least according to me.

Let’s take a look at it..


*clears throat*

1. This is a book blog, therefore THE TURNING PAGES obviously has to do with the turning of book pages.

Yes and no. 

Well, it started out like that for me, but as time has passed and I’ve grown and matured, it does have to do with the turning of book pages and my love of reading, but it also has to do with the turning of life’s pages. *deep*  So not all of my posts on here will be about books, book reviews, or the like. I may talk about other things, but it won’t be my life’s journal. Sorry. I’m not going to spill any deep, dark secrets on here. Sure, I’ve posted some personal things. For example, I shared the passing of my aunt to cancer, but I used my story and my sadness to help raise money for SU2C in her memory. Also, sharing how cancer has affected my life, could in turn help someone else who is dealing with it in theirs. Cancer affects almost everyone. Someway, somehow. It just does and it sucks. I’ve also shared how a miscarriage turned my life upside down last year. Granted, many don’t speak of miscarriages, but I firmly believe that sharing that pain, can in turn, help someone else going through the same thing.

2. I named this blog after my favorite Sleeping at Last song.

Still true.

That hasn’t changed, but enjoy the live studio version of the song. *linked above*

So since I’ve bored you with all that banter above, I’ll get to the point. I don’t want to drain myself trying to keep up with all the fabulous latest books and only reading books for review. I have SO MANY books I want to read for..well..myself. So I am going to do just that. I’ll post a review about them if I feel like it and I will do some review books here and there. I’ll also post other fun things every now and then, just to keep things interesting.

*pauses to go take care of crying baby*
*and while you wait, enjoy this video of James Corden & One Direction*

And…I’m back!

I hope you enjoyed that little video.

What was I talking about? Oh yes…

This blog will continue to..

– have the occasional book review – yes
– other book related stuff from time to time – yes
– have random stuff like the video above – probably
– have some non-bookish stuff – most likely
–  be random and fulfilled, not boring and lame – I hope

In the meantime, I hope you’ll stick around and feel free to chat with me on here {in the comments} and on social media {Twitter}


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