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Review | The Heartbroker by Kate O’Keeffe

Review | The Heartbroker by Kate O’Keeffe" class="ubb-image alignleft">The Heartbroker by Kate O'Keeffe
on September 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Women's Fiction
Format: eBook
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For 29-year-old Brooke Mortimer a man is a non-essential survival item-more like something forgotten at the bottom of her purse. In Brooke's world work comes first, second, and last. She runs a successful self-help business and doesn't have the time for much else-least of all messy, unpredictable love. Her pursuit of success pushes her to woo corporate America. Enter tall, tanned, and toned Logan McManus. He's everything she's looking for-a big brand with an even bigger checkbook-and something she didn't see coming, something that will put her views on love to the test. But there's more to Logan than Brooke's bargained for. When their worlds collide her life is thrown into total disarray, forcing her to consider re-writing her own self-help survival guide. Is Brooke ready to risk everything and get into bed with corporate America? Escape to beautiful New Zealand in this sexy, feel-good romantic comedy.


After reading the first book in the Wellywood Series by Kate O’Keeffe, I was excited to journey back to New Zealand for this sequel, The Heartbroker. 

We first catch a glimpse of Brooke Mortimer in Styling Wellywood and honestly aren’t given a good impression of her, at least in my opinion. She, however, redeemed herself big time in this book. I actually really enjoyed getting to know her and could relate to her in more than one way. Her and I are both driven and determined women, which is a nice trait to see presented in any genre, especially women’s fiction.

Brooke has accomplished a lot in her 29 years of life. She’s running her own company and thriving in the New Zealand work front. Nothing really throws her off her game. That is, until a very handsome American (which she’s learned she doesn’t have a very good track record with after having been cheated on by one in the year leading up to where she is now). Logan McManus is a tall, tan, and easy on the eyes businessman from California who has come to New Zealand to join forces with Brooke’s company. The connection these two make is instantaneous and the chemistry is spot on. Brooke, however, is determined to not let this handsome man cloud her vision for expanding her company and she needs Logan’s help to do just that.

I love the journey this book takes you on. Brooke learns a lot about herself in this book and also goes through many struggles than anyone can relate to on a day to day basis. Her story isn’t filled with glitz and glamour, but your typical bumps and bruises. The Heartbroker really allowed me to look at Brooke through a different lens and appreciate her as a person. I mentioned it above, but in the first book, I wasn’t a fan of Brooke based on my first impression of her, but having lived her experiences in this book, I have nothing but utmost respect for her. There’s something empowering as a reader when you can truly appreciate a character, flaws and all.

The Heartbroker is filled with humor, adventure, heartbreak, and so much more. I loved every bit of this book and the journey it took me on in the beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. It left my passport itching even more for a holiday.

So, with the winter weather just around the corner, if you find yourself looking for a book to warm you up, give this one a go.

four out of five stars


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