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Review | Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

Review | Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally" class="ubb-image alignleft">Jesse's Girl (Hundred Oaks) by Miranda Kenneally
Published by Sourcebooks Fire on July 7th 2015

Practice Makes Perfect.Everyone at Hundred Oaks High knows that career mentoring day is a joke. So when Maya Henry said she wanted to be a rock star, she never imagined she’d get to shadow *the* Jesse Scott, Nashville’s teen idol.But spending the day with Jesse is far from a dream come true. He’s as gorgeous as his music, but seeing all that he’s accomplished is just a reminder of everything Maya’s lost: her trust, her boyfriend, their band, and any chance to play the music she craves. Not to mention that Jesse’s pushy and opinionated. He made it on his own, and he thinks Maya’s playing back up to other people’s dreams. Does she have what it takes to follow her heart—and go solo?

I received a digital copy on Netgalley via the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


With this being my first Miranda Kenneally book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve heard great things about some of her other books, but not too much regarding her Hundred Oaks books. Since I didn’t know what to expect, it allowed me to dive into this read blindly and base my honest opinion on the story without the influence of others.

I’m a sucker for books that involve musicians, especially when they resemble some of the attractive country musicians I listen to. Having said that, when I read that Jesse’s Girl was about a want-t0-be rockstar shadowing a famous Nashville star, I had to give it a shot.

Maya has a dream of becoming famous, so when her high school’s career mentoring day rolls around, she doesn’t expect to get the chance to shadow Jesse Scott, the hottest teen sensation in Nashville. With Maya loving to rock out to 80s music, it’s quite the pair putting this girl who loves to rock out with the ripped jean wearing, cowboy boot loving, country singer.

At first, I was really turned off by Jesse’s snarky attitude and the way in which he treated Maya when meeting her for the first time. However, Maya didn’t really help when she pushed back and didn’t back down against his attitude. Either way, these two find themselves stuck spending an entire day together, but what that day has in store for them is not with Maya was expecting when it came to her career mentoring experience.

Having ditched their schedule for the day, Jesse and Maya embrace the day ahead of them and go on an adventure filled with time in the studio for Maya, test driving a very expensive car, dancing in a fountain, and much, much more. I absolutely loved this part of the story. It was so fun to read and to see how the day unfolded for Jesse and Maya. I also loved that as they got to know each other, I also go to know each of them and what it was they were guarding themselves from.

As the story unfolds and these two become more than just mere acquaintances forced to spend time together, I found myself enjoying their adventures and quirks. The fact that it wasn’t a love at first sight scenario was also nice. Their relationship with one another had a nice pace to it and didn’t feel forced. I also loved the relationship between Maya and her family. At times, it even felt like to stories coming together; the story of Maya and Jesse and the story of Maya and her family.

Overall, I thought this was a fun, light read. However, the reason I give it only 3 stars is that I wasn’t “wowed” by the book. I enjoyed it, yes, and I thought the characters, despite their differences, went together nicely. There were just times in the book I found myself bored with the story and other times where I was thinking, “I want more of that!”.  I won’t let this book shy me away from giving Kenneally’s other books a shot though. Her style of writing is fun and just my cup of tea. I hope to read another story from her soon.

Three out of five stars



Growing up in Tennessee, Miranda Kenneally dreamed of becoming an Atlanta Brave, a country singer (cliché!), or a UN interpreter. Instead she writes, and works for the State Department in Washington, D.C., where George W. Bush once used her shoulder as an armrest. Miranda loves Twitter, Star Trek and her husband.

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  1. Joli

    I’m surprised to find out this was the first book that you’ve read by Miranda Kenneally, but I’m glad you’ve started reading them. While you can read them out of sequence, I’d suggest that you read them in order from publish date. You have to know Jordan and Sam Henry’s story from the beginning! Breathe, Annie, Breathe is my favorite book of the series, I can’t wait until you read it so we can discuss!
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    • Heather Anne

      I am definitely interested in reading how Jordan and Sam started! 🙂 I’m hoping to be able to read them from the beginning now that I’ve been introduced to her writing. It’s definitely the style I enjoy!

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