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Beauty & a Book | Guest Post from Ivey @ The Hopeless Reader

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On May 1st, I introduced this special feature on my blog. Every Friday this month, I will continue to share posts from fellow bloggers & even a few authors focusing on the inner beauty of some of our favorite book characters. So stay tuned!

Here’s how it works: Pick either your favorite book, a book you’re currently reading, or any book really & write about what makes the main character beautiful. The best part is…this doesn’t have to be about physical beauty! Tell us about the characteristics this character possesses that makes them beautiful. Inner beauty is such a hot topic right now, especially for young females [males too!] & I want to show others that beauty comes in forms. We see it on magazine covers, on the big screen, and other various forms of media outlets, but we can also find it in the books that we read.

 If you would like to join, please feel free to email me at hsheffdeld2011 at gmail dot com. I’d be thrilled to have you share your own B&aB post!

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This week, Ivey from The Hopeless Reader is sharing her Beauty & a Book post. I am so excited to have her & thank her so much for helping me share the beauty & a book love!

When I saw Heather talk about Beauty and a Book, I was really intrigued. I immediately asked her  Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.43.04 PMwhat it was. As soon as I found out, I had to participate. I love the idea of focusing on a fictional character’s inner beauty when our society if focused on outer beauty. The character that immediately came to my mind when I thought about inner beauty was Medusa “Dusa” from one of my all-time favorite books, The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons. Now you may be thinking, “This girl is crazy, why would Medusa be picked?” Well for one, the book tells Dusa’s side of the story, and I have to say that once I read this book, Dusa became one of my favorite characters. In the book, she was sexually assaulted by Poseidon. She was then cursed to turn into the Dusa we know her as, snakes for hair and all. On top of it all, she was banished to an isolated island surrounded by the Aegean Sea, which was torture for her because Poseidon rules over the oceans. Nevertheless, Dusa spent hundreds of years on that island surrounded by the people she accidentally turned into stone and miserable. That was until Hermes visits her and when Dusa’s inner beauty began to shine even more.

One thing I loved about Dusa was that she cared so much about people. She was so compassionate. The people she accidentally turned into stone were a constant reminder of her curse, but she cared for them and talked to them like they were not stone statues anymore. She cried when she looked at the statues because she realized that she killed them. Although accidental, it still broke her heart to see what she had done. Though many people called her a monster, she refused to put anyone in danger. She tried her hardest to keep away from people, which was both heartbreaking and admirable. She cared so much for people that she practically shined with love. Then Hermes came along and began to show her that she wasn’t the monster she claimed to be. She had a hard time accepting that fact, but she slowly began to forgive herself.

Another thing that I admired about Dusa was her strength. She is one of the bravest characters out there. Most people would crumble and drown themselves in hatred but not Dusa. She suffered from an unthinkable act, but she did not let that control her. Sure she was terrified in the beginning of the book, but towards the end she realized that she was letting Poseidon rule her life. She wasn’t going to allow that any longer. So she faced her fear, Poseidon, and she was able to move on with her life.

Dusa was a quiet girl and afraid of so much, even herself, but as the book progressed I began to see her open up. That was when I saw the kind of inner strength and beauty that everyone should want. Everyone should strive to be kind and strong and a light to everyone around them, like Dusa was. She may have suffered from a horrible past, but she never stopped loving and caring. That is the kind of beauty everyone should focus on. Looks will fade, but strength and a loving heart will stay with you forever. Dusa taught me that and I cannot thank her enough for it.


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 6.44.32 PMIvey is a 20 year old college student with a passion for books. She started reading YA books when she was in high school and she has not stopped since then. In fact, she has read over 1900 books in four and a half years! Now, she spends her days and nights writing and chatting about books, and she claims to be the Queen of Books. There has been no opposition to the throne as of yet. Now she runs her own blog, cleverly titled The Hopeless Reader. Soon she will be leaving college to pursue a career in being a literary agent and discovering great books. She definitely has a passion for books and a heart for helping authors succeed. Now that you know a little bit about her, you can head over to her blog and find a new obsession!

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  1. Holly J

    Ahhhh, I’m so glad to see Medusa picked on here! I agree so much with this whole post. She is one of my favorite characters for her inner beauty, for that strength and bravery in standing up for herself, for the compassion she still showed people even though she could have let the hatred harden her. She definitely shines throughout this novel, and that kind of character is one that I find so rootable. Lovely post, Ivey!
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