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Beauty & a Book | Guest Post from Brian @ The Guy’s Side

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On May 1st, I introduced this special feature on my blog. Every Friday this month, I will continue to share posts from fellow bloggers & even a few authors focusing on the inner beauty of some of our favorite book characters. So stay tuned!

Here’s how it works: Pick either your favorite book, a book you’re currently reading, or any book really & write about what makes the main character beautiful. The best part is…this doesn’t have to be about physical beauty! Tell us about the characteristics this character possesses that makes them beautiful. Inner beauty is such a hot topic right now, especially for young females [males too!] & I want to show others that beauty comes in forms. We see it on magazine covers, on the big screen, and other various forms of media outlets, but we can also find it in the books that we read.

 If you would like to join, please feel free to email me at hsheffield2011 at gmail dot com. I’d be thrilled to have you share your own B&aB post!

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This week, Brian from The Guy’s Side, is sharing his Beauty & a Book post. I am so excited to have him & thankful to him for helping me share the beauty & a book love!

Queen Levana from Fairest is my Beauty and a Book choice for this time around. I know what you’re22489107 thinking. Queen Levana!? Yes I chose her because while she may use her glamour to make herself appear more beautiful than what she actually looks, she does have some qualities that I believe make her that much better and one bad ass villain.

Yes I chose to look at the villainy side of things and what made her a beauty in that right. Levana isn’t afraid to use fear to get what she wants from folks, including her minions; nor is she afraid to use her glamour. Instead of embracing who she could have been, she decided to use her means to achieve her goals of becoming Queen, even if murder, deceit and lies were part of the plan. Odd kind of beauty right? Well not all beauty has to be good qualities in my opinion. Every villain in every book had to make something of themselves, with what they knew best. Which is why I think Levana and her cunning, her glamour and her ability to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose her made her a beauty among bookish villains.


It was so fun having another guy’s input on this topic, especially one who is active in the book blogging community.. If you’d like to check out Brian’s blog, The Guy’s Sideplease do so!

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