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Beauty & a Book | Guest Post From Holly Quills & Ivy


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Welcome to the second Beauty & a Book post!

Last week, on May 1st, I introduced this special feature on my blog. Every Friday this month, I will continue to share posts from fellow bloggers & even a few authors focusing on the inner beauty of some of our favorite book characters. So stay tuned!

Here’s how it works: Pick either your favorite book, a book you’re currently reading, or any book really & write about what makes the main character beautiful. The best part is…this doesn’t have to be about physical beauty! Tell us about the characteristics this character possesses that makes them beautiful. Inner beauty is such a hot topic right now, especially for young females [males too!] & I want to show others that beauty comes in forms. We see it on magazine covers, on the big screen, and other various forms of media outlets, but we can also find it in the books that we read.

 If you would like to join, please feel free to email me at hsheffdeld2011 at gmail dot com. I’d be thrilled to have you share your own B&aB post!

This week, Holly from Holly Quills & Ivy is sharing her Beauty & a Book post. I am so excited to have her & thank her so much for helping me share the beauty & a book love!

Beauty & a book, is an amazing feature that the wonderful Heather came up with to show how character we love are beautiful, and not just appearance wise, so here is my contribution.
The character I want to talk about is Sydney Sage, from the Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series, she is my favourite character of any book I have ever read.
Sydney Sage, if any of you don’t know is an alchemist who works with vampires to keep them a secret from the human race and I think she is beautiful. Throughout the books we are shown many sides of Sydney. We are shown her as both a sophisticated , intelligent young woman, but also as an insecure teenager, who is constantly battling with the way she looks because she compares herself to the vampire girls she works with. In the very first book in the Bloodlines series, she and a vampire friend of hers go for a uniform fitting, the vampire is fitted for a US size 2  (UK size 6) but when when Sydney is fitted she is told she is a US size 4 ( UK size 8) and she argues that she is the same size as the vampire. This passage was very real for me to read as Sydney is comparing herself to the vampire, who never gains weight therefore she will always remain the same size, but it goes on to describe how Sydney will constantly avoid calories in order to be the same size. It takes a long time for her to realise she didn’t have to be the same size as a vampire and she grew happy with her size, which is so nice to read and see her grow to be happy with how she looks.
Through reading the novels it is clear from the beginning that Sydney is so much more than her appearance, she is incredibly smart, generous, kind-hearted, loyal, determined and will go to any lengths to protect those she loves.
Sydney Sage is beautiful.
Sydney is more than just my favourite character, but she is role model to me, to never compare myself to others and to feel happy in my own skin, and she goes through all of this whilst protecting a vampire princess, falling in love and protecting humans from turning into evil vampires.So if she can do it why can’t everyone else. Sydney Sage is beautiful, inside and out.
Holly x
(Holly Quills and Ivy)

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