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Beauty & a Book | Guest Post from Ginger @ GReadsBooks!

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Welcome to the fourth Beauty & a Book post!

On May 1st, I introduced this special feature on my blog. Every Friday this month, I will continue to share posts from fellow bloggers & even a few authors focusing on the inner beauty of some of our favorite book characters. So stay tuned!

Here’s how it works: Pick either your favorite book, a book you’re currently reading, or any book really & write about what makes the main character beautiful. The best part is…this doesn’t have to be about physical beauty! Tell us about the characteristics this character possesses that makes them beautiful. Inner beauty is such a hot topic right now, especially for young females [males too!] & I want to show others that beauty comes in forms. We see it on magazine covers, on the big screen, and other various forms of media outlets, but we can also find it in the books that we read.

 If you would like to join, please feel free to email me at hsheffdeld2011 at gmail dot com. I’d be thrilled to have you share your own B&aB post!

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This week, Ginger is sharing her Beauty & a Book post. I am so excited to have her & thank her so much for helping me share the beauty & a book love!

When Heather reached out to me about this feature, I immediately loved the idea.  Beauty is something that can be described in so many different ways.  There is the obvious definition by what the eye sees.  But there is also a deeper meaning to beauty, one you may not necessarily see unless we look within.  That kind of beauty, in my opinion, is the most gorgeous.

I’ve had the honor of reading so many different beautiful characters, so it was difficult to First There Was Forevernarrow my choice down to just one.  Ultimately, I decided to go with Lima from First There Was Forever by Juliana Romano, a 2015 YA debut I recently read and thoroughly enjoyed.  Lima has always been in the shadows of her very present best friend Hailey.  Their friendship began when they were just little girls, but it’s held strong through out most of their adolescent years.  As they are approaching the second half of their high school years, the relationship between these two girls begins a push/pull effect, causing a lot of stress on their lives.

Lima is a very by the book, people pleaser type of girl.  She always follows the rules and makes choices to appease others.  Naturally, I saw this selfless behavior as such a beautiful trait, but I could also see it as a potential downfall, too.  She has a voice, but it’s always been a hesitant one, keeping in the shadows of her effervescent best friend.  It’s when their friendship starts to crack, and she begins to shine her own light, that I truly saw Lima’s inner beauty.  Though she made some difficult choices, and didn’t necessarily follow through with the best decisions, she still felt authentically beautiful and unique to me.  Her voice is definitely one, which I feel, a lot of younger girls can relate to and identify with.  It’s the bravery and boldness that Lima discovers within herself that ultimately castes the most beautiful glow.


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