Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday | Ten Book Related Problems We Have

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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by the
fabulous ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.

1. The Never-Ending TBR Pile
Like any avid reader, our TBR piles are forever growing. We should go ahead and accept the fact that we will never catch up.

2. The Book Hangover
After reading an incredibly good book, a book hangover is inevitable. We never know how long it’ll last or how we will move on to our next read.

3. Continuing to Purchase Books When We Already Have too Many
Impulse book buying. We can’t say no to books. Period.

4. Crushing Hard on Book Boyfriends
But they are so PERFECT! And let’s face it, no man in real life will ever compare to the book boyfriends we’ve racked up over the years.

5. Failing to Read a Book Before the Movie Comes Out
We have this rule where we must read the book before seeing the movie. However, sometimes we fail at this. And we need to get better.

6. Not Allowing Time to Read “Me” Books
We admit it. Sometimes we get so caught up on reading review books, we forget all about the “me” books. This is something we need to work on.

7. Buying Multiple Copies of Books We Already Own
BUT THEY’RE SO PRETTY!! Is really our only argument for this one.

8. Accepting too Many Review Books at One Time
Saying no. This is something Heather mostly struggles with.

9. Forgetting About the Books on Our Kindles
The Kindle Daily Deals & that Buy Now With One Click Button are to blame for this one. We promise we will catch up to the Kindle books. We promise!

10. Trying to Reach Our Reading Goal & Forgetting to Actually Enjoy the Reading
We sometimes have to remind ourselves that it’s not about how many books we read, but actually enjoying the reading.


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