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Review | How We Fall by Kate Brauning

Review | How We Fall by Kate Brauning" class="ubb-image alignleft">How We Fall by Kate Brauning
Published by Merit Press on November 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Mystery & Detective, Romance, Young Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: author

Ever since Jackie moved to her uncle's sleepy farming town, she's been flirting way too much--and with her own cousin, Marcus.

Her friendship with him has turned into something she can't control, and he's the reason Jackie lost track of her best friend, Ellie, who left one knows where. Now Ellie has been missing for months, and the police, fearing the worst, are searching for her body. Swamped with guilt and the knowledge that acting on her love for Marcus would tear their families apart, Jackie pushes her cousin away. The plan is to fall out of love, and, just as she hoped he would, Marcus falls for the new girl in town. But something isn't right about this stranger, and Jackie's suspicions about the new girl's secrets only drive the wedge deeper between Jackie and Marcus--and deepens Jackie's despair.

Then Marcus is forced to pay the price for someone else's lies as the mystery around Ellie's disappearance starts to become horribly clear. Jackie has to face terrible choices. Can she leave her first love behind, and can she go on living with the fact that she failed her best friend?

I received a paperback copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Kate!


I’d like to start off by saying that the relationship in this book was one I was hesitant about when reading the summary. It’s most certainly not your average relationship commonly found in a YA contemporary, but I found it a unique change of pace that didn’t keep me from reading.

How We Fall is about more than romantic feelings between two people who happen to be cousins. It’s about life after the disappearance of Jackie’s best friend, Ellie. In this quiet, small town, nothing bad is suppose to happen, but when it does, Jackie can’t help but feel as if something is wrong. This tid bit of a mystery weaved in between the romance of the story added an extra spark to the overall story. I enjoyed the underlying questions brought about when Jackie starts digging deeper into the mysterious white pick up truck & the coincidence of Sylvia, a new girl to the town, and the connections she has to Ellie.

Yes, Marcus and Jackie are cousins and the fact that they have romantic feelings towards one another may make most uncomfortable, but I was able to look past it and found myself wrapped up in the story itself. Both characters are so well developed & just seemed right together, regardless of how ‘wrong’ or unusual it may seem. I enjoy a book that is unique and is able to keep my attention throughout the entire story. The struggles the characters experience are what made this book for me. The raw emotion and the progression of the story is well thought out and paced.

I am genuinely glad that I took a chance on this book and am looking forward to reading more from Kate Brauning. Her writing is fresh and captivated me from beginning to end.

Four out of five stars. 


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  1. Danielle

    Lovely review, Heather. It can be strange reading “taboo” style romances, but if they are written well, it’s easier to look past it and that sounds like the case here. The mystery around Ellie’s disappearance and its ramifications sounds really interesting and something I would enjoy. Will be keeping my eye out for this one!
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