Sunday, January 25, 2015

Celebrating TWO Wonderful Years of Blogging. . .



Well, as the saying goes, another year has come and gone so quickly. So quickly, in fact, with all the responsibilities and happenings of our lives, that we almost FORGOT that this week marks our two year blogoversary here at The Turning Pages. But fear not, dear ones. Though this week’s dazzling posts and giveaways were not plotted out weeks in advance, they will be not the least bit lacking for it. We kind of rock the ‘last minute’ thing. Procrastination aficionados, if you will. Sadly, before I had four kids, I was a master of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or a lower locale, if you will. Poor Heather has become a bit of a hostage in this delivery method. But in a way, it heralds what a wonderful year that we’ve had. Heather graduated college and got a teaching job. I started a new time consuming, yet delightfully bill paying job last January. And in the middle of all this life, Heather got to go to BEA this year, we both returned to Y’allFest to reunite with friends, fellow bloggers, and our favorite authors. We read and reviewed over a hundred books by both desire and request. And I stole moments here and there to work on my own debut novel. Oh how every book nerd dreams to do nothing but read and talk books all day each day. While we are forced to pass the days in guises of teacher and sales consultant, our book obsessed alter egos hide thinly veiled just underneath the surface. We are so grateful for those of you on this journey with us in the infancy of our blog, and our strive to balance the scales of our requirements and our desires in favor of communicating our love of books to you. Hold onto your tickets, dear followers. This year’s ride will be even better than last year’s.


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