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Blog Tour | TASTES LIKE WINTER by CeCe Carroll

Blog Tour | TASTES LIKE WINTER by CeCe Carroll" class="ubb-image alignleft">Tastes Like Winter by CeCe Carroll
on September 16, 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult
Format: eARC
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When home no longer feels like home - where can you go?
When your best friend won’t listen - who can you turn to?
When love makes you feel weak - how do you protect your heart?

With constant fighting at home, Emma decides working at High Street Books and practicing avoidance is the best method to save her from more heartache.

She doesn’t expect to meet Jake, the shop owner’s nephew, 
who makes her stomach do crazy things.
But Jake is intent on pushing her away, and Emma must ask herself: 
Is he scared? Or is he hiding something?

Tastes Like Winter is a story of love, family, and friendship and,
when everything is uncertain, trying to figure out where you fit in.


Thank you to the fabulous author for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review.

My thoughts. . .

Tastes Like Winter is a realistic and honest read, bringing to light a topic that seems to only be brushed upon in the book world. Divorce is such a common part of society these days that it often gets overlooked and pushed aside, almost as if it is shrugged off ones shoulders. It is often ignored how this affects the lives of others involved. Especially the kids.

 When you first start reading, you are introduced to the world Emma lives in and how every day she seems to tip toe around her parents and find any excuse to stay out of the house. The constant bickering between her parents has left her tired and annoyed. While her relationship with her mom is good, the relationship she has with her dad is somewhat non existent as he would rather spend his days working or in his study. It’s no wonder Emma wants to keep working even as the school year starts back and find any excuse to avoid home.

Emma’s character is one I truly enjoyed. She is a teenager facing some big changes in her life. Not only is she navigating her parents crumbling marriage, but her relationship with her best friend is beginning to change as well. Her best friend, Genna, is confident and athletic, while Emma is the opposite. However, these two have seemed to make it work for several years, but Emma feels as if Genna just doesn’t understand what she is going through with her parents constant bickering. Genna is also a year older and will be going off the college in the fall. It’s a difficult time for any teenager, but the reality is, some friendships drift apart.

I love that Emma works at a book store and like her, I wish one could get paid to be a professional reader. At her job at High Street Books, Emma meets her boss’ nephew, Jake. He’s nineteen and has a lot of baggage. Despite the minor age different, Jake and Emma understand one another and form a bond that is unlike anything Emma has ever experienced before. However, there are some walls to overcome with Jake. He has experienced tragedy in his life and has made some choices that have earned him somewhat of a reputation around their small town. Much of their relationship is back and forth. One minute, Jake does something sweet and swoon worthy, then he is pushing Emma away and holding her at arms length. Granted, he does try and warn her off, but he can’t even stay away. The connection they have is just too much for either one of them to ignore.

Tastes Like Winter was hard for me to put down and step away from. I loved how the author touched on the various topics common in a teenagers life this day and age. She really brings light to divorce from the kids point of view, the reality of a drifting friendship, and the confusing emotions one feels when experiencing a new crush. It is a book one can relate to one way or another and I encourage you to give it a try and add it to your TBR pile.

Four out of five stars.

Happy reading.


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