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ARC Review | Oh Yeah, Audrey! by Tucker Shaw

ARC Review | Oh Yeah, Audrey! by Tucker Shaw" class="ubb-image alignleft">Oh Yeah, Audrey! by Tucker Shaw
Published by Amulet Books on October 14, 2014
Genres: Realistic Fiction, Young Adult
Format: eARC
Source: Netgalley

<p><em><span style="font-size: 12pt">It’s 5:00 a.m. on Fifth Avenue, and 16-year-old Gemma Beasley is standing in front of Tiffany & Co. wearing the perfect black dress with her coffee in hand—just like Holly Golightly. As the cofounder of a successful Tumblr blog—Oh Yeah Audrey!—devoted to all things Audrey Hepburn, Gemma has traveled to New York in order to meet up with her fellow bloggers for the first time. She has meticulously planned out a 24-hour adventure in homage to Breakfast at Tiffany’s; however, her plans are derailed when a glamorous boy sweeps in and offers her the New York experience she’s always dreamed of. Gemma soon learns who her true friends are and that, sometimes, no matter where you go, you just end up finding yourself.Filled with hip and sparkling prose, Oh Yeah, Audrey! is as much a story of friendship as it is a love letter to New York, Audrey Hepburn, and the character she made famous: Holly Golightly.</span></em></p>
<p style="text-align: center"><strong><span style="font-family: helvetica;font-size: 12pt">Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review.</span></strong></p></blockquote>

 My thoughts. . .

I am a sucker for anything involving Audrey Hepburn, especially when Breakfast at Tiffany’s is mentioned. I’m not quite sure how old I was when I became infatuated with Audrey & longed to have the same grace and presence she possessed, but I know it must have started when I saw a photograph of her in that ever so famous, little black dress. 

Of course, when browsing Netgalley, my attention was drawn to the title & cover of this book. All I had to do was request it & hope for the best. Obviously, I gained access to this title.
(Thank you Netgalley!)

Oh Yeah, Audrey! is a quick & somewhat light read. Gemma Beasley, a 16 year old who ventures to New York City for the ultimate Audrey inspired weekend with a few friends she “met” through her Tumblr page dedicated to Ms. Hepburn, is on a mission to find herself. 

The book takes place over a 24 hour time period, which seems short, but a lot happens. I do wish it would have been a little more spread out with more getting to know Gemma. You, the reader, do get to know her in a way, but there are some missing elements that I wish were present in the book. I felt as if I only got to know the Gemma who didn’t want to be known as the girl without a mom and living in a one bedroom apartment with her dad. I hated to see her ashamed of her life. However, I did feel it played a major part in her self discovery and the Gemma you get a very small glimpse of during the last chapter or so. 

I loved the short adventure into the big city & the once in a lifetime experiences Gemma was able to have, I just wish the timeframe would have been a little longer. Everything felt so rushed. I also would have loved to have gotten to know the secondary characters a little more. Each one brought something unique to the table & I enjoyed each and every one of them. Bryan, the wealthy California boy. Trina, the fiery redhead from out west. Telly, the quiet former anti-Audrey fan who sees Audrey for the humanitarian that she was. Now, the only secondary character I didn’t care for would be Dusty and that’s for good reasons. 

Overall, this was a fun and quick read, I just wished the timeframe wasn’t so rushed and we were able to see more of the “after” Gemma. 

Three out of five stars.

Happy reading.


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