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FaceTime Friday | Divergent Movie Review

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For those of you who are new to Turning Pages, FaceTime Friday is a weekly feature we do to keep in touch and discuss books, movies, and more! Why is it called FaceTime Friday? Well, considering that we live in separate states, sometimes talking on the phone and/or texting just isn’t enough when it comes to talking about our favorites in literary and film form. 

We literally FaceTime to talk about the latest books, movies, and more and then hash it out on the blog for our readers to enjoy.


We are bursting at the seams with both fangirl and book boyfriend squealiness to bring you this
FaceTime Friday: Divergent Edition. 
From the moment the movie rights were sold our Dauntless sworn hearts were on pins and needles to see the physical embodiment of Four…and the rest of the big screen translation of the world created by Veronica Roth.

First and foremost we both agree that this was one of the best book to movie adaptations we’d ever seen. While we still maintain that books are always better, this was a fantastic cinematic depiction. Summit Entertainment finally redeemed themselves for the first Twilight movie. (Insert Christie’s potty mouth comment.)

Let’s discuss the cast. . . 

We’re going to be totally honest here. Because we love the book so much, we had initial nervous reservations about Shailene Woodley being cast as Tris. Those feelings begin to fade last November when we got a glimpse of the first movie trailer while attending YALLFest. They were completely obliterated in slow clap, standing ovation style after seeing the movie. Forgive us, Veronica Roth, we have to have a tiny aside here that involves a different book and a different film: we had baby fangirl coronaries over the fact that Ansel Elgort was cast opposite Shailene as Tris’ brother Caleb. Because we are dying slow deaths waiting on the movie adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, which casts these two lovelies as Hazel and Gus from the book.

Christie has adored Kate Winslet from her 17 year old portrayal of Marianne in the movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility. We equally adore her from the moment she donned the Heart of the Ocean to be sketched, to the infamous “I’ll never let go, Jack” in the movie Titanic. In Divergent she masterfully embodied Jeanine and we love her for being so despicable.

While we liked the character that played Al, we felt the physical embodiment of the character was a bit more Hollywood polished than the character created by our imaginations while reading the novel.

Eric, on the other hand, was the perfect embodiment of what we imagined. We like, Tris, wanted to rip out his eye studs.

And then….


*Cue heavenly choir*
TheoJamesLasVegas-1We don’t know where Theo James has been up until now, nor do we care. Thank you Veronica Roth and Summit Entertainment for dethroning Edward Cullen’s long tyrannical reign as top book boyfriend and British heartthrob in our lives. Sufficed to say that the amount of sighing and groaning that was done over that man’s mouth alone probably warranted jail time. Let us take a moment to give the poor man a little credit for his actual acting abilities. His portrayal of Four was spot on. Now back to that mouth….
(Heather makes funny comment about how she no longer judges Eve for getting us thrown out of the Garden of Eden because Theo James’ adams apple is well worth the damnation.) 
While we are on the subject of Four’s body parts, one of our favorite scenes from the movie is when Tris asks to see his tattoo. The director of photography for the movie HAD to be a woman because alternating the shot between his mouth and her touching his increasingly exposed back caused complete hormonal meltdown.


Our other mutually favorite scene is the ferris wheel. To us, it is the perfect metaphor for their relationship and captures the essence of their hearts and souls.
(Christie makes lewd comment about Four doubling as an amusement park ride, and then questions whether or not that comment was too risqué for publication. However, Heather continues to type it anyways.)

Our one criticism, or should we say limitation, was the omitted scene from the book where Four gets drunk and flirts with Tris. (Because you know, there is always room for more flirting.)

Of course, in true fangirl style we watched the movie as rabidly close as a Kardashian looks in the mirror, and were over the moon when we came across Veronica Roth’s cameo.
(If you haven’t seen the movie and/or haven’t spotter her, we won’t spoil it for you, but just know to keep an eye out during one of the Initiate outings.)

Put this all together, and you can easily understand why Heather has seen the film FOUR times within the first week of it being in theaters. Sadly, Christie has only seen it once, but not for lack of desire, merely opportunity.
As you can see from all of the above borderline, scary fangirl recollections, the movie version of Divergent gets “FOUR” thumbs up from the both of us.

We hope that if you haven’t seen the movie, that this has motivated you to do so. For the rest of the veterans like us, we hope you found our opinions spot on and we can’t wait to hear your feedback from the movie.

Four(For your viewing pleasure….)

Happy movie going! 
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3 Responses to “FaceTime Friday | Divergent Movie Review”

  1. Leah Clayton

    Yes, yes, yes!
    I too had reservations about Shailene Woodley being cast as Tris. I tend to read first person books without visualizing the main character since I am reading from their point-of-view. But, I was very pleasantly surprised. Shailene has grown immensely since her Secret Life of the American Teenager days.

    Theo James has reset my standard of men, aesthetically at least. His acting skills were fantastic, but hard to focus on when all I wanted to do was stare at his buff, tall, dark and handsome self. And I too was greatly disappointed when the drunk Four scene was left out! Oh how I wanted to see Four without his guard up, shamelessly flirting with Tris.

    What were your thoughts on changing the final scene to include Jeanine and the Erudite?

    love love love the movie!

    • Heather Anne

      Theo James makes for some serious man candy. I could stare at him all day and I hope he plans on being at the MTV Movie Awards. That is one British hunk I do not want to miss out on.

      I like how they changed the ending scene. I felt it gave Tris more power and showed a weakness in Jeanine that you really don’t get to see much of. I am very pleased with the director of Divergent and sad that he won’t be able to film Insurgent, but I hear he speaks highly of the director taking his place. I only hope the new director sticks as close to the book as in the first.

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