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Guest Post! | Joys of Working in a Bookstore

So Christie & I have been extremely fortunate to have a guest blogger every now and then.
This one in particular we are very excited about! We’d love to introduce you to Kristen, a fellow blogger & book lover. She recently started blogging and is also very fortunate enough to work at a book store, Ol’ Curiosities in Alabama.

Here is what she has to say about working in a bookstore.

When Heather asked me to guest post, I immediately said yes. Then I said “Wait, what am I going to write about?” Heather suggested I write about the joys of working at a book store. That was a genius idea. 
Yes, I work at a bookstore. The name of the store is Ol’ Curiosities and Book Shoppe and it is an independently owned, (mostly) used bookstore.
What does that mean? It means that we don’t have several hundred copies of the newest bestsellers occupying our shelves. It means that we have shelves of hundreds of different genres of books from mystery to romance to historical fiction to classic literature. We have sets of complete works. Most of our books have been loved prior to finding their home on our shelves. However, we do order new books upon request, and we keep a few copies of new, popular books in stock. We obtain our books through donations, and by “treasure hunting” at thrift stores and yard and estate sales. We often find amazing things.
Now, I’m going to tell you a few things I love about my job: 
* The smell. Yes, the smell. I am one of those weird people that is attracted to the scent of old books. I have been known to pick up especially a REALLY old book and sniff it. (Ask my bosses.) The moment you walk in the door, you are hit with the tantalizing aroma of old books.
* I will never, ever, EVER run out of books to read. Seriously. We have hundreds of books, most of which I have never read. My to be read pile has tripled (or even quadrupled) in size since I began working here. And as long as I am working here, I will always have a book to read.
* The thrill of the hunt. I have not yet accompanied my bosses when they go “treasure hunting” at sales, BUT I do get to treasure hunt on my own once they bring what they find back to the store.  I have found several amazing books, but I narrowed my favorite down to three.

 (1) Virgin by James Patterson. I am a HUGE Patterson fan. This is one of his earlier novels, and it was later published as Cradle and All.

(2) Presenting Miss Jane Austen by May Lamberton Becker.  I absolutely LOVE Jane Austen. I have Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. I also plan to add a complete works of Jane Austen volume to my library in the near future. But this is a book ABOUT her. And its vintage (published in the 50’s) which makes it even more appealing to me!

(3) The Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford. I got this one for my son, who is 8. He has watched Homeward Bound probably 5,000 times, so I thought it would be cool to give him the book that the original “Incredible Journey” movie was based upon. What he was really impressed with was how old the book was. He would go around asking people “How old are you? My book is older than you”.  Yeah. Definitely a proud mom moment.
*Helping someone find a book. I don’t just mean when someone comes in and specifically asks for a book, and I am able to locate it. Yes, that is a good feeling. But an even better one is when someone comes in, just browsing and by talking to them a little I am able to help them pick out a book I think they might enjoy. THAT is an AWESOME feeling. 
*Meeting new people. I have met tons of new people and made friends with the “regulars’ who frequent our store. I have also had the privilege of participating in a few community events that I had never been a part of until I began working at the bookstore. 
*Discovering books/authors I have not read before. This one is pretty self explanatory. 
I just have ONE thing I hate about my job. We have more books than we do space. SO I have to decide which books get shelf time and which ones get to wait in the closet. If you are as big of a book nerd as I am, you will understand how difficult this is for me. 
Bottom line, I love my job. Period. I am passionate about it and I can honestly say I have a job that I love getting up and going to (almost) every day. Not every one can say that, and I am blessed to be able to. If you live close by, you should drop by and check us out. If you don’t, we have an Etsy store, as well as a Facebook and Twitter page
Thanks Heather and Christie for letting me ramble about my job and thanks to you guys for reading!

Thank you so much for agreeing to write a guest post for us, Kristen! 
As for everyone else, please be sure to check out her blog & the pages for Ol’ Curiosities!

Happy reading.

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