Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Days of Secret Diamonds | Day 2 SDS Makeup Favorites



 Today marks day three of the week long celebration leading up the the release of Michelle Madow’s The Secret Diamond Sisters.
This is a fantastic book set in the magical and sleepless city of Las Vegas.

 What’s on the agenda for day 3? 

SDS Makeup Favorites…better known as makeup favorites that remind me of SDS.

Also, each day those participating will be posting a FACT about the book and/or characters in the book that Michelle has given us. 

Day 3 FACT:

Michelle started outlining The Secret Diamond Sisters in October 2010. That’s almost four years from idea to bookshelves!


So, with today’s topic being about makeup that reminds me of SDS and vegas, I can’t help but think of none other than MAC. It’s expensive and of course the kind of makeup anyone with a black AMX card would want to spend their money on. Especially Savannah.



images barbie-loves-mac

So there you have it! A few makeup selection that remind me of SDS! 


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