Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Writing Wednesday: Blogoversy Reflections

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This week long celebration of the one year anniversary of the blog has, naturally, inspired many warm fuzzy reflections about writing, both for the blog and for my novel. Because honestly, writing for the blog helped me find my way back to writing my book. It started with just book reviews. But sitting in front of the computer, my fingers typing out creative ways to describe other people’s works that I enjoyed was like playing cover songs from my favorite bands. Pretty soon, my fingers wanted to sing their own songs. And thus, Writing Wednesday was born. A platform to discuss my trials, troubles, and victories with the written word, now that I was once again writing them.

Obstacles and misery can be funny things for writers. In my humble opinion as a writer, we need them. They motivate us, and give the writing a depth it would have lacked otherwise. But there is a fine line between incentive and inhibition for me. If the pain gets rooted too deep, I incur creative blackout. So while I must credit the blog for its part in keeping the wheels of my creativity turning, the other seventy percent of the fuel that keeps my engine running smoothly falls on four very necessary people in my life. Ironically, they live hundreds of miles away from me. And I am very grateful to live in this age of technology where text messages, cell phone minutes, Google Chat, Skype, and Glide make all those miles inconsequential.

As is the natural progression in life, our friend circles began to narrow as we get older. And while, initially, I was saddened by it, I came to realize that it made more room in my world to fill with what I call ‘forever friends,’ whose participation in your life is constant no matter the circumstances. I’m blessed to have two of those, who have been on this crazy ride with me since childhood, and each year that ticks by makes the current leg of the journey better than the last one. These women keep my soul healthy. Without which, writing, among other things, would be completely moot.

Though I haven’t known her as long, my beloved blogging partner is every inch my baby ‘sister from another mister.’ My daily conversations with her are devotionals. She shares in so many of my loves and obsessions, I don’t know what I would do without her by my side, to fangirl through the things that make our universe go around. She keeps me young, both in mind and in spirit.

And finally, my Alpha Beta. He is literally and metaphorically my Captain. The word friend hardly encompasses all the roles that he fills in my life, and I wonder on a regular basis how I managed them before. His navigation is invaluable. Now that he has secured this position, it is forever his. And those are the best kinds of friends to have: ones whose roles can never truly be filled.

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What are some of your writing reflections for the past year?


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Happy writing!
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