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FaceTime Friday: The Wonderful World of Netflix

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For those of you who are new to Turning Pages, FaceTime Friday is a weekly feature we do to keep in touch and discuss books, movies, and more!
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We all have them. Television shows that became obsessions in our lives. We marked the passage of time by counting days until the next episode. Weeks until the next season. Let’s face it, looking back, we marked sections of our past with shows: that happened during the Friends era. And then, like being able to escape reality through a piece of bedroom furniture into Narnia, another sainted genius collected hundreds of seasons of sitcoms and dramas into one place for the convenience of hours of mind numbing, blissful viewing…….the wonderful world of Netflix.

Heather’s Netflix Addictions:


Heather’s first experience was One Tree Hill.  For her, there has been no other television relationship out there like Nathan and Haley, or Naley, as fangirls like to call them. Then, there was Lucas and Peyton. Chad Michael Murray played Lucas. Yes, yes, and yes. There is no way in the world not to be on board for that. While Heather related most to Haley, the school girl/cheerleader always on top of studies, she also identified with Peyton’s angsty music addiction. Even with all of our new obsessions and addictions, Heather has never come across another show that she followed closer than OTH. She currently own season 1-6. Watch out season 7 through 9, she’s coming for you.




Dawson’s Creek: definitely one you wouldn’t mind being up without a paddle. 😉 This was Heather’s walk into90s teenage angst. And she’s just going to put it out there: she kind of wishes Dawson and Joey had ended up together. Through the seasons while there seemed to be an endless round of couple’s musical chairs, there was one particular secondary character that caught Heather’s eye; Oliver Hudson, that sexy bartender spitting game in Joey’s direction. And the ending to the series……broke her heart into a million pieces. If you’ve watched the show, you should know just what she is talking about.



aliasAlias: Ahhhh, it was Jennifer before she was part of Bennifer. Heather is a sucker for a strong female lead. Even better when she gets to have numerous wardrobe changes, and can pretty much kick anyone’s a$$. Plus, there’s Michael Varton. Super hot male character for the win, Alex.





friday night lights

Heather’s newest addiction on Netflix is Friday Night Lights. In certain ways, it reminds her of OTH,except with football instead of basketball. She’s just on the first season, but she is helplessly engrossed and neck deep in the lives of the people of Dillon, TX. They say everything is bigger and better in Texas. So far, Heather is inclined to agree with them. And she can now say that she fully understands all the hype surrounding Tim Riggins.



Christie’s Netflix Addictions:

Orange-is-the-New-Black-PosterAs I just recently reacquired wifi at my house, I have glutted myself on Netflix and her seductive wares. My first course on the television series buffet was Orange is the New Black. It’s edgy wit, and morally blurred scenarios are everything that I had dreamed they would be. It deserves every ‘you gotta watch this’ that I have gotten, and I am now well equipped to pass the fever on to others.






I immediately started cheating on OITNB, with Breaking Bad. What can I say? I’m addicted to shows that test us with questionable moral scenarios. And who better to test your boundaries that when the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle starts making meth. It’s hanging out with my family members, except with higher IQs and better dialogue. (P.S., this prompted me to revisit some of my favorite episodes of Malcolm and a few that I’ve missed.





In the spirit of retro, I returned to my favorite era in time, the 90s, and bathed in the supernatural nostalgia of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. You haven’t experienced romantic angst until you’ve watched Angel and Buffy romantic angst. Thank you, Joss Whedon.








While I appreciate the vampires of old, I have to tell you, Stefan and Damon on the Vampire Diaries are some of the best blood sucking eye candy I’ve ever had the pleasure to hope to get bitten by. Happy feeling in my pants notwithstanding, the writing on VD is phenomenal. Alas, with the hustle and bustle of working 50 hours a week last year and parenting my four sweet angels, I fell a season behind in all the happenings in Mystic Falls. But it’s Netflix to the rescue, and I will very soon be on top of things. Metaphorically speaking, anyway. 😉


Our New Year’s Resolutions to Watch:

There are numerous shows out there, both older and recent, that we’ve heard rave reviews on and want to watch. Which makes our to be watched lists nearly as scary as our to be read lists, so we narrowed it down to three choices.


The Following, a interesting story line and Kevin Bacon 🙂

Mad Men, a interesting story line and Jon Hamm 🙂

Lost, an interesting story line and Matthew Fox 🙂


Scandal, a show everyone is talking about and apparently Olivia Pope has great clothes. 🙂

Charmed, a supernatural show about witches…yep. Sold.

Arrow, super hot guy. That is all. Oh, it’s a CW show. 

Well, there you have it loyal readers. Several of the shows responsible for our adoration and appreciation of Netflix. What have been your favorites shows to start or catch up on? Which ones are on your resolution list?

Happy watching!

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5 Responses to “FaceTime Friday: The Wonderful World of Netflix”

  1. Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    ONE TREE HILL! I started rewatching my DVD’s of those a few weeks ago! And then got distracted by reading and ended up rewatching Roswell. LOL. I LOVED Alias, Buffy, DC, and Charmed! I want to try Friday Night Lights soon too!

    Great picks girls!

    • Heather Anne

      I think I am going to start re-watching OTH this year. I never get sick of the show!
      I really wish Netflix would put The OC on there. Roswell is another one I need to add to my list!
      I just started season 3 of FNL and I am HOOKED! I now understand all of the hype.

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