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FaceTime Friday | Movies of 2014 That We’re Dying to See

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The only things Heather and I like nearly as much as books, are movies about those books. These are some of the YA movie adaptations coming out in 2014 that we’re on pins and needles to see.

The Lineup

1. Vampire Academy in theaters February 7, 2014


In ten days, we will be able to experience what we hope is the cinematic delight that is Vampire Academy. Heather and I loved the book series about the world of Moroi vampires, and their relationship to the Dhampir (half Moroi/half human race) that protect them from the evil Strigoi vampires. While we adore Rose, our tough and cheeky female protagonist, this series yielded one of our favorite literary boyfriends, Dmitri. We’re a little more nervous about this movie adaptation than the others coming out this year because the initial movie trailer hinted that it may not hold up to the high standards that Heather and I demand of movie adaptations. The newest trailer has assuaged some of those fears. But we highly recommend that you read the series if you haven’t already. And as book snobs, we always maintain that you should read the book BEFORE watching the movie.

Official movie trailer can be seen here.

2. Divergent in theaters March 21, 2014


Just having recently read Divergent, I am fangirling hard over getting to see the theatrical embodiment of Four. Although, with a fabulous book like this, I’d be present and accounted for on premiere night even if the movie release was a decade later. We’re excited to see the visual depictment of the wonderful dystopian world that Veronica Roth created in our imaginations. And after getting a sneak peek of the film earlier this year at Y’ALLfest, we will have napkins handy to absorb both tears and drool.

3. The Fault In Our Stars in theaters June 6, 2014


It’s a movie. About a book by John Green. That pretty much says it all.

But I’m going to elaborate anyway. This was one of our favorite and best book reads of 2012. This is a book that will give your hearts wings just before dashing it on the rocky shore. And judging from all the teary tweets on Twitter by the illustrious author while filming, we expect no less from the movie. Plus, it stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. They have a Romeo and Juliet-like chemistry. We suggest you bring a whole roll of Bounty for this one.

4. Mockingjay Part 1 in theaters November 21, 2014

MJ pt 1

We’re still jonesing like Skid Row crack whores waiting for the DVD release of Catching Fire in March. When we seriously think about the ten months standing between us and Mockingjay Part 1, we go into fangirl seizures. Not trying to go all spoiler on you, but we NEED to see the next visual installment of Peeta after those douchebags left him in the arena at the end of the last movie. In case you haven’t gleamed it from any of our previous posts dealing with the Hunger Games series, it’s all about the Peeta for Heather and I. We just thought we were bread lovers before……. 😉

Trailer coming soon!

5. If I Stay in theaters August 22, 2014

ifistay-paperbackNo movie poster…yet!

Adam, oh Adam. Was there a literary boyfriend before you?! Reading this book made me want to be a musical instrument. Because Adam is a musician. Put that raised eyebrow down. After reading it, you’ll take your place in line to be a six string with the rest of us. Warning, along with the swooning, this movie adaptation has tears potential. Not TFIOS level, but you’ll certainly want to swipe some extra napkins with your popcorn. And if you’re an adult woman going to the movie without a teenage child in tow, sit a safe distance from other parents with children. That way they won’t give you quizzical, are you a child molester looks when they hear you repeatedly sigh and moan. Learned that the hard way watching The Hunger Games solo.

So there you have it, ladies, and hopefully at least a couple of gents. Don’t judge us, but we’re sort of seasonally marking our year by the releases of these films.

Are there any movies coming out this year that you guys are looking forward to?

Happy reading.

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5 Responses to “FaceTime Friday | Movies of 2014 That We’re Dying to See”

  1. Tammy

    Vampire Academy-read the series and loved it. Soooo nervous for the movie, afraid I’m going to be disappointed. Divergent- can’t wait, this will be good, still need to read Allegiant. I think I’m delaying on purpose. TFIOS- I’m bringing a box of tissues because I know how this ends. Mockingjay- my least favorite of the three books but if the movie is anything like Catching Fire 🙂 If I Stay- it’s been a long time since I read this book so the movie will hopefully bring it all back.

  2. Christie Michelle

    I agree, Angel Reads, this is the year of book to movie adaptations!! And yes, Tammy, I share your nervous anticipation of the VA movie. I love the series sooooo much, and I just want them to do it justice. Catching Fire was the shizz. I expect no less from MockingJay. And I too have been dragging my feet on finishing the Divergent trilogy!

  3. RubyLeprechaun

    I can’t wait to see all of these movies. I really enjoyed Divergent and the Vampire Academy series so hopefully they can live up to my expectations. I’m leery of Shailene Woodley…mostly because I was not a fan of her in American Teenagers…she really rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Heather Anne

      I think Divergent is going to be incredible on the big screen. But like you, I am nervous about the VA movie adaptation. I hope I am at least pleased with it. Love that series so much and will need to reread it soon!
      I wasn’t a fan of Shailene on Secret Life, but I love her in the movie adaptation of The Spectacular Now. Her performance in that changed me opinion of her as an actress. Give it a go!

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