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FaceTime Friday | YALLFest 2013 Edition

It’s FRIDAY & you know what that means….FACETIME FRIDAY! Once again, we had the opportunity to see one another in person and share in the wonderment that is YALLFEST!
But real quick, for those of you who are new to Turning Pages, FaceTime Friday is a weekly feature Christie & I do to keep in touch and discuss books, movies, and more!
[Pst….next week involves Katniss & Peeta :]


Last weekend, Christie and I had the opportunity to attend the 3rd annual YALLFEST in Charleston, SC. It was my second time attending and Christie’s first. We were in a state of euphoria! Charleston is the perfect setting for this magical festival. With it’s history and it’s storybook streets, you feel like you’re walking in a work of fiction. It was very surreal knowing that any moment we might bump into one of our favorite authors around any given street corner.



Christie & I basking in the last of the sunlight upon arriving to our destination.

Upon arriving in Charleston, I had the chance to take Christie around one of my most favorite cities on the east coast. We walked through the streets taking in the sites and absorbing the southern aesthetic on the eve before the main event.


One of the highlights of the trip was getting to frequent an establishment that held the name of one of our favorite writer’s, Edgar Allan Poe. It was the perfect meeting place to gather face-to-face with some of our favorite fellow bloggers to discuss all things books.


Photo credit: Joli from



Author Margaret Stohl welcoming us to the Keynote!


Veronica Roth & Rae Carson giving the Keynote

We got to share time and space with so many of our favorite authors, whether it was in an audience in the Charleston Music Hall or fangirling at the edge of a table while our books were being signed.
There were so many favorites, but this year we chose to fly our ALL THE FEELS flag and made Gayle Forman the focus of our fangirldom.


That moment Gayle stops the signing line to take a picture with us in our matching shirts.

We had so many gasps/hold-your-breath moments with this manipulator of our heart strings. From getting a ‘thumbs-up’ from Gayle while she was on stage, noticing us wearing our shirts in the audience, to disregarding her deadline to be out of the book signing tent to stop and take a photo with us, and to sitting down at our table on her way out of the restaurant we were all eating lunch in, Gayle embodied what makes YALLFEST so special, writer’s fully expressing their appreciation and love for their fans.


Heather in awe of THE Veronica Roth signing her copy of Divergent

Even at number 355 and 356 in line, getting to see Veronica Roth, she was just as quirky and wonderful as she would have been for the first person in line to get their book signed. She made us laugh with stories of her humble awkwardness in the Keynote at the start of the event and had us swooning over Four when showing us a movie clip from Divergent.


ALL THE FEELS panel with so many wonderful authors!



We got to meet Aubry from Team Epic Reads & Snarkles! #TeaTime




Joli (@ActinUpwb) & I meeting Margot from Team Epic reads at the Smackdown


ALL of the authors at the Smackdown

Our excitement wasn’t completely confined to just meeting authors. We were equally excited getting to meet Aubry & Margot from Team Epic Reads (#TeaTime). It was a fabulous weekend that flew by in a beautiful blur of laughter, tears over fictional characters and the wonderful minds that created them, and under the back breaking strain of 30 lbs worth of your favorite books, newly inked with the authors signatures. Even when popping into a few of Charleston’s fabulous eateries, and to snag a cupcake from the local cupcake joint, we were continuously ensconced in a world of fictional delight. We didn’t wake up from the dream until crossing the bridge on Sunday, leaving Charleston, and even then it was reluctantly.
For Christie, as her first time and even coming back a second time myself, the YALLFEST book festival has a way of branding you with memories and experiences you’ll never forget.


The book haul

We can’t wait to y’all again next year! 

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