Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Monthly Reads | September 2013 Edition

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Another month has come and gone and we find ourselves looking back at September’s reads. September was a busy month for us here on Turning Pages, but we wouldn’t have it any other way! It still amazes us that we’ve been blogging for 9 months now and it has been this much of a success. Turning Pages has become a passion for both of us and we can’t wait to bring you more in the coming months. September brought two new features for the blog – Writing Wednesday [Christie] & FaceTime Friday [Heather + Christie]. We’ve had a blast working on these features and would love your input! Tell us what you think about either, WW or FTF or BOTH!
[You can view our August Reads HERE.]

With it being October now, we are counting down the days until we are once again reunited! I, Heather, was able to go see Christie at the end of August/beginning of September. Well, in a little over 1 month, Christie will be coming to see me! Both of us will be going to this years YALLFEST in Charleston, SC and WE CAN’T WAIT! If you are going, we hope to see you there!

Now, without further adieu – our September reads. .

August ended and September began with us reading
Heavenly Hell by Aria Williams and Kiss Me in Paris by Kimberly Kinrade.

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As for the rest of September. . . 

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And currently, we are reading. .


We are excited to see what October brings for the blog and we hope you continue to join us on this blogging journey! 

Happy reading!

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Ps. What are YOU reading? 

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