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YALLFEST author interview | Kami Garcia

I am so excited to be able to host this next YALLFEST author interview. If you’ve followed Turning Pages since the start, then you have probably heard me talk about YALLFEST at one point or another. I attended YALLFEST for the first time last November and had an amazing time! And in two months, I will be back in Charleston, SC to attend again. If you live anywhere remotely close to Charleston and you love YA. . .GO! It’s an incredible time and you’ll just love Blue Bicycle Books. In fact, it is one of my most favorite indie bookstores I’ve ever been to.
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A little more than a month away from this years YALLFEST! Continuing to highlight the fabulous authors who will be there – starting this week with Kami Garcia!
Don’t forget! Tomorrow, October 1st, Kami’s new book UNBREAKABLE comes out!

  • What one thing do you need to have when you write?
    I need three things: my laptop, my headphones, and Diet Coke.
  • Describe your book in 5 words
    Paranormal. Ghost-hunting. Intense. Romance. Secret Societies.
  • Tell us 5 random facts about yourself.
    1. I don’t know how to ride a bike.
    2. I used to be an artist (a painter).
    3. I won’t fly without my huge charm necklace that I believe will keep the plane from crashing.
    4. I believe in ghosts.
    5. Every time I write a book, I worry that everyone will hate it.
  • What are you working on now?
    I am working on the second book in the Legion Series, the sequel to Unbreakable. Like Unbreakable, the sequel is very intense and has plenty of paranormal elements. But I think it’s even more romantic and surprising than the first book.
  • What is your favorite genre to write in? To Read?
    My favorite genre to write is definitely urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I love to read paranormal, but I am also a huge fan of horror, crime fiction, high fantasy, and science fiction.



Kami Garcia is the #1 New York Times & international bestselling coauthor of the Beautiful Creatures Series and DANGEROUS CREATURES (May 2014) & the author of UNBREAKABLE, the first book in the Legion Series, releasing on October 1, 2013.

BEAUTIFUL CREATURES has been published in 50 countries and translated in 39 languages. The film adaptation of Beautiful Creatures released in theaters on February 14, 2013, from Warner Brothers, starring: Viola Davis, Jeremy Irons, Emma Thompson, Emmy Rossum, Alice Englert, and Alden Ehrenreich.

Kami is fascinated by the paranormal, and she’s very superstitious. When she isn’t writing, Kami can usually be found watching disaster movies, listening to Soundgarden, or drinking Diet Coke. She lives in Maryland with her family, and their dogs Spike and Oz (named after characters from the TV showBuffy the Vampire Slayer).


Happy reading!

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