Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Points of View

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A Different Point of View

My topic for this week’s Writing Wednesday is Point of View. There are three main points of view in fiction writing: First Person, Third Person Limited, and Third Person Omniscient. The most common POV is Third Person Limited, Past Tense. I have read several novels and articles about writing that suggest that this tense is the best choice for beginning novelists, citing that it is the least difficult to navigate and maintain throughout the story. It gives a little more freedom than First Person POV, while still centering around one main character.
Dubbed the more difficult choice, and my personal favorite, is First Person POV. This POV has made so many stories an actual part of me, as the written words served as an avatar, placing me in numerous different worlds and different bodies. But the tricky part is that for it to work, it must be done well. One must work hard not to slip tenses when writing in First Person POV, and it can be a challenge to keep a story interesting when told entirely from one character’s perspective.
The last POV, Third Person Omniscient, one would assume would be the easiest, right? But it can be almost impossible to build suspense or mystery when every character’s mind set is at the reader’s disposal.
I have ambitiously chosen First Person POV for my current work in progress. I have already had some brain twisters on figuring out how to convey the the feelings and interactions of the secondary characters that would happen when my protagonist isn’t around. But I feel that for the flow of the story and the role of my character in this story, First Person POV is the best fit. Wish me luck on that gamble!!

What’s your point of view on point of view?

Happy writing!

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