Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Writing Wednesday | Finding Inspiration in Music

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Play It Again, Sam: Finding Inspiration in Music

     I adore music. I love lyrics, because good lyrics are stories in and of themselves, and set to the right music, can write a symphony of feelings and words in your heart and your thoughts. Sometimes, with just a brilliant melody. My kids and I are chronic car karokers. Don’t be alarmed if you see us at a red light, speakers thumping, fists pumping, lyrics spewing forth from all five of us. Every trip to grocery store is a mini concert.

     I find music incredibly helpful in my writing. I’m not saying that I haven’t been struck by inspiration while watching television or staring quietly out the window, but having a playlist going always seems to give me subconscious inspiration. If I’m trying to work on a dark section, I listen to my beautifully dark selections, etc, etc. I know the kinds of feelings that my playlists stir up in me, but I suggest that you constantly update them. I solicit suggestions from friends, because you can be surprised the fresh spin a new, unfamiliar tune can give you.

So next time you sit down in front of the computer screen, slip in your earbuds, press play, and wait for the magic. 

Happy writing!

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