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FaceTime Friday | TMI City of Bones [Part 2]

Welcome to FaceTime Friday! Something we came up with
to help us keep in touch – as if we need another way – and a great way to discuss our favorite topics. Books Movies | & More. In case you missed last weeks FaceTime Friday, click HERE for TMI City of Bones [Part 1].

This is a SPECIAL edition because instead of us chatting via our iPhones, we were able to chat in person!

book shot

You might have noticed that we did not post a FaceTime Friday last week, even though we had hoped to. Not only are we excited that this is our first movie remote, but we are thrilled that it just so happens to be City of Bones, one of our favorite book and movie adaptations. 

As soon as we found out the movie release date for City of Bones, we immediately knew that one of us would make the trek so we could see it together. So, with that being said, I, Heather, hopped on a plane this past weekend and joined Christie in Alabama so that we could fan girl over the book that brought us together. 

We didn’t just go see the movie, but we made ourselves part of the movie. Our attire was rather out there for the folks at Olive Garden, apparently they don’t get very many Shadowhunters. I guess that’s our fault for not putting on a Glamour.


Just a few of the runes before we plastered our arms and neck with them.

runes 2

Christie. Heather. Amanda.

Getting runed

Getting runed!

Gift/Talent rune on Heather’s neck and the Love rune on Christie’s arm.

After getting ready, we hopped into our mundane version of a portal and traveled from the middle of nowhere to civilization where we shocked the late night dinner guests at the local Olive Garden and perhaps made a little too much noise for the clueless mundanes. Instead of steles, we had breadsticks, and your typical Italian food replaced that of what would be found at Taki’s. (Thank you Emily from Blue-Eyed Bibliophile for helping us remember that name!)


A mundane dinner for us Shadowhunters.

As we made our way into the theater, we could hardly contain our excitement much longer. We endured more stares and glances as we made our concession purchases and as we made our way to our theater seats because we definitely looked the part.

group shot


We pretty much spent the entire movie hyperventilating, gasping, grasping each others arms, etc.

It was phenomenal. Extremely well-done. We have no complaints what so ever.


As we exited the theater at 12:30am, we were wrapped in a cloud of elation. Needless to say, we are huge fans of the movie adaptation.

Christie & I

Well, our agenda for the next day was to spend a relaxing day on the beach as we made the 1.5 hour drive from AL to FL, but after beach time and driving around, we happened upon an IMAX theater and couldn’t resist seeing Jace on a 40 foot movie screen. BEST. DECISION. EVER.
So yes, we did see TMI: City of Bones in two different states on the same weekend. That, is dedication.

movie tickets

Before we close out yet another FaceTime Friday post, we can’t forget to mention the third leg of our movie remote trio, our fellow Shadowhunter, Amanda!

You can bet that once City of Ashes hits the big screen, that we will once again catch a plane in order to see it together. 

It was a wonderful weekend together, but of course, all good things must come to an end. We are once again separated by 400+ miles, but will see each other again (in person) this coming November.


Happy reading!

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