Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Writing Wednesday | A New Feature by Christie


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It’s Hump Day, everybody! And on this particular Wednesday, I want you to join me here for a new venture on the blog that I’m calling Writing Wednesday. Not only do I have an obsessive desire to read the written word, I also aspire to create something that will one day sit proudly on a bookstore shelf to be obsessively desired by other bibliophiles!

As a mother to four children who was working fifty hours a week, finding time to actually sit down and get my ideas out was a problem for me. Fate has currently interceded in the start up of the new school year and a temporary work hiatus, so accompany me on this journey to fulfill a lifelong dream of mine.

I found myself dealing with two main issues this week as a full time writer, and they are my topics this week.

1. Time Management

When I was working full time AND single parenting, my issue with time was that I never had any. And while I realize that not everyone has the luxury to write full time without juggling a job, kids, and other requirements of life, the rules for managing your writing time are basically the same. You have to schedule, or make an appointment to write, and keep it. Mid-morning seems to work best for me. I grab a cup of coffee and sit in front of my computer screen. Some days the words flow from the minute I sit down. Others, I have to work to get the juices flowing. But I can feel my creative mind adjusting to expect and conform to this productivity window daily.

2. Getting your ideas down

Stories and characters really do have lives of their own, and as writers, we can never predict when they are going to take center stage in our conscious mind and put on a show for us. And one lesson that I’ve learned the hard way is to get those ideas down while they’re fresh, because you never seem to piece the puzzle back together in that perfect way when you’re trying to work it out on paper later. I always keep a mini notebook with me. When that isn’t a convenient option, in this day of technology saturated life, almost everyone has a smart phone with a voice memo feature.

Well, I hope you’ve found some useful tips to be gathered from my first week back in the writing saddle. Please join me again next week to see what I’ve learned for a new list of writing do’s and don’ts.

Happy Writing!

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4 Responses to “Writing Wednesday | A New Feature by Christie”

  1. Missie Jones

    Thank you Christie for sharing. I to am a single mother of 3 daughters (all teens now) I have been trying to write a novel for over a year now. Between cleaning house, running errands (store, school, post office), all the appointments (dr, dentist..etc), making them do their homework, take a bath fix meals…OMG By the time I get a break all I want is to sit in a quiet place and take a nap or watch the show I missed & recorded on the DVR. Drives me crazy trying to get enough time. There never seems to be enough of it. I do have to sleep…lol However I have started using a voice recorder in the car (since I am in it sooo much) and using a note app on my Kindle Fire.
    I cant wait to see what other tips you give to all of us busy moms 🙂
    Keep up the great work. Big Hugs
    Missie Jones
    missie25524 (at) netzero (dot) com

  2. Christie Michelle

    Thanks for following and reading, Missie! The great thing about writing is that it’s something you’re never too old to do! And while I hope my hiatus from work will be a short one, I plan to take advantage of every spare minute, and establish some good writing habits for when I do rejoin the 9 to 5 set! So glad to have you along for the ride with me!

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