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Book Blitz & Guest Post | She Who Dares by Jane O’Reilly

She Who Dares | Jane O’Reilly
Contemporary Romance
Release Date: September 1st, 2013


UntitledThe Ugly Duckling meets Top Gear when a plain Jane mechanic comes face-to-face with the bad boy of rally racing…

Nic Sinclair spends most of her time hiding under the bonnet of a car. With her obsession with engines, a total lack of feminine wiles, and a stepsister who looks like Barbie, she understands that it’s the safest place to be.

But when Nic’s stepsister sells her half of their vintage car business and does a runner, Nic is forced to set down her wrench and deal with the fallout. Soon she’s engaged in a battle of wills with her new business partner, superstar rally driver Sebastian Prince — a battle he dares her to win.


Guest Post

Setting is such an important thing in a story. It can change the tone and the feel of the book, as well as dictating what the characters can and cannot do (because you can’t lie round in a bikini if you’re at the North Pole. Unless you’re some sort of alien, that is). We have some fantastic places to set books in the UK, everything from busy cities to stunning countryside. Okay, it rains quite a bit here. But that can add a certain something too.

Wuthering Heights wouldn’t work without the moors, and neither would Hound of the Baskervilles. And who can forget Harry Potter flying through London on his broom?

She Who Dares is set in Cornwall, a particularly gorgeous place in the very south of England, which is lush and green and has beautiful beaches (and surfers. Can’t forget the surfers). There is Portmerion, Tintagel Castle, St Michael’s Mount. The legend of King Arthur originates from Cornwall, and the whole place is steeped in a certain kind of magic.

It’s an interesting place to own a business, like the heroine, Nic, who runs her own garage selling vintage cars. She has to deal with a small town mentality in a place that is packed with tourists every summer, and fabulous driving routes that can be either hot and gorgeous or freezing cold and flooded. She has to try not to eat too much clotted cream with her scones. It’s a challenge.

What book settings have really worked for you?

About the Author

Jane O’Reilly started writing as an antidote to kids’ TV when her youngest child was a baby. Her first novel was set in her old school and involved a ghost and lots of death. It’s unpublished, which is probably for the best. Then she discovered contemporary romance, and that, as they say, was that. She lives near London with her husband and two children. Find her at and on Twitter as @janeoreilly or email her at


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