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REVIEW: The Social Code by Sadie Hayes

Title: The Social Code 
(Originally titled The Start-Up)
Author: Sadie Hayes
Expected Pub. Date: September 3rd, 2013 
Publishing Group: St. Martin’s Griffin
Review Copy Provided by: publishers at Netgalley
My rating? 5/5 stars.

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Summary via Goodreads:
In a world where anyone can rise to the top, the only rule is… watch your back.

Eighteen-year-old twins Adam and Amelia Dory learned the hard way to rely only on each other, growing up in a small town where they understood the meaning of coming from nothing. But everything changes when both are offered scholarships to Stanford University – and catapulted into the dazzling world of Silicon Valley, where anyone with a good enough idea can skyrocket to fame and fortune in the blink of an eye…

Amelia is almost as pretty as she is smart – almost. A shy girl and genius, she is happiest alone in the computer lab, but her brother has other plans for her talents: A new company that will be the next Silicon Valley hit, and will thrust Amelia into the spotlight whether she likes it or not. Where Amelia’s the brains, Adam’s the ambition – he sees the privileged lifestyle of the Silicon Valley kids and wants a piece of what they have. He especially wants a piece of Lisa Bristol, the stunning daughter of one of the Valley’s biggest tycoons.

As Adam and Amelia begin to hatch their new company, they find themselves going from nothing to the verge of everything seemingly overnight. But no amount of prestige can prepare them for the envy, backstabbing and cool calculation of their new powerful peers.

Welcome to Silicon Valley, where fortune, success – and betrayal – are only a breath away…

Previously published as The Start-Up.

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I try my hardest not to let the cover of a book sway my decision of whether or not I want to read it, but I won’t lie, the cover of The Social Code definitely caught my attention. Of course anyone who requests a book they are interested in on Netgalley, has to patiently wait for a response as to whether or not they have access to it. When I found out that I could read this one, I was thrilled and instantly jumped into it. I love the story line in all of it’s Cinderella-like fashion. Of course, this isn’t your average Cinderella story. The Social Code introduces you to two Stanford scholarship students, Adam and Amelia Dory, twins who come from Indiana and a long line of foster homes. They aren’t your average brother and sister who bicker back and forth and pretend one another doesn’t exist. In fact, they are the only thing that has been constant in their 18 years of life. Except for three months [you’ll have to read to find out why . . I won’t give any spoilers. :]
Adam is your average teenage boy who just does what he can to get by, while his sister, Amelia, spends her time writing code in the school computer building, her own personal piece of heaven. She even forgets to eat from time to time, which is when her caring brother comes in to take care of her. I just love their relationship and how they look after one another. It is refreshing and wonderful to see that kind of brother-sister relationship. I enjoyed how Amelia wasn’t portrayed as your average teenage girl. She is super smart, driven, and doesn’t care too much for her outer appearance. Sure, she is beautiful, but she doesn’t care to play up her looks. She is content and feels safe in front of her computer screen. The book doesn’t focus just on Adam and Amelia, but introduces you to some of Silicon Valley’s elite families, taking you inside the rich and not so perfect lives of T.J. and Lisa Bristol, and Amelia’s wealthy roommate, Pattie. I loved all of the little stories inside the story and the twists and turns. And the overall writing was easy to follow and I never felt my attention drifting away from the story. It’s a book I am sure to reread and I can’t wait to read what happens next. 
Happy reading!

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