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REVIEW: A Veil of Glass and Rain by Petra F. Bagnardi

A Veil of Glass and Rain
Published April 20, 2012
Genre(s): Contemporary Romance, NA
Recommended for ages 17+, due to sexual content and language.
(Review copy provided by the author – Thank you!)

Brina and Eagan meet for the first time when she’s nine and he’s fourteen. They like each other from the very beginning, although their bond isn’t immediate, but it grows over the years. What links them is the fact that their parents are photographers and are extremely devoted to their work and to each other; so much so that both Brina and Eagan have to learn how to take care of themselves from a very young age. Despite their differences, age, gender, nationality, Brina is Italian and Eagan is American, they find comfort in their growing friendship. 
Then Brina becomes a teenager, and her feelings for her friend start changing and deepening. New desires stir within her. As soon as Brina realizes how those feelings complicate her friendship with Eagan, she runs away from him.
A few years later, Brina is twenty and Eagan is twenty-five, they find one another once again. Brina is studying cinema in Rome and she’s also trying to become a musician. Eagan begins to work as an architect in the same city. Eagan wants to be a part of Brina’s life anew. Brina, however, is still in love with him; she finds it difficult to act merely as a friend and she keeps pulling away.

Set in the beautiful Rome, this is a sensual and romantic story of friendship and love.

About the Author:

Petra F. Bagnardi is a television screenwriter and story-editor, and an indie-theater writer, director and actress.
She’s an avid reader and an enthusiastic cinéphile.

Find her here:
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My Review:

Where do I start?! A Veil of Glass and Rain is such a poetic and heart wrenching story about two best friends who fall in love and who have had to overcome obstacles in order to get to where they are. It is written in such a poetic and vibrant way that I was immediately drawn into the story of Brina and Eagan. I absolutely loved that it took place mostly in Rome, Italy, one of my most favorite places in the world and one of the most beautiful cities I have ever had the privilege of visiting.
This story is written in a way that is captivating and invigorating for a reader. I adore Eagan and his adoration for his best friend, Brina. And vice versa. As a reader, you take this journey with them that allows for you to see them grow from being 9 and 14 into these vibrant young adults that have nothing but pure love for one another. Granted, it isn’t all perfect and joyous. You are able to see them through their struggles and their triumphs. 
I truly did enjoy this book and the characters that brought it to life. 
It is a quick read and one that I recommend for those who love contemporary romance and new adult novels.
5 out of 5 stars!

Happy reading!

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