Friday, April 12, 2013

One Teen Story: Issue VII Review

Wow. This issue of One Teen Story really struck a cord with me. Francesca Lia Block wrote a story that is real and raw. It’s the kind of story that slaps you in the face and really makes you think. 
How many of us were so hard on ourselves in middle and high school? The truth is, all of us. And it is something that is still going on. With media and society playing a huge factor in young people wanting to be perfect in every single way, it’s hard to imagine at that age that the awkward stage does pass. 

The title of this story speaks for itself. You Never Know. Wow! How honest is that? You never know what the person sitting next to you in algebra is feeling. You never know what that person who sits with you at lunch is going through at home. You never know where the school jock will end up after high school. You just never know. 

You Never Know is written in 2nd person, something I surprisingly really enjoyed. It put me in the shoes of the young girl who is 13, acne covering her face, a mouth full of braces, and an awkward short haircut that she saw on the cover of a magazine. I mean come on? Who in their freshman year of high didn’t feel awkward? If you raise your hand…..

Anyways, I know I did. I not only had braces, but a missing tooth! Thank you Mr. Dentist who pulled the wrong tooth! Yes, my freshman year of high school I had braces and a missing front tooth that I couldn’t have replaced until my mouth was fully developed and I was sixteen. Okay, enough of my awkward teen years…

You Never Know gives you something to think about. It’s a great read and one that reminds you that you may never know the answers to all of the questions. The why am I not pretty like she is? Why doesn’t he like me? Why, why, why. . . 

Answer? You may never know or you may finally know. 

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Happy reading!

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